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What is Sensitive Skin?

Being in the Medical Skin industry for as many years as I have you can imagine how many times I’ve heard, “I have sensitive skin”, as if it was something they inherited. When someone says, “my skin is sensitive”, that really means the skin is weak and compromised. So, what causes skin to be compromised? How do we get the skin healthy again? ZO Skin Health offers a simple, comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining the health of your skin. JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics is the #1 destination because we study the protocols put forth behind the science of skin health. JoAnn Francis is on Dr. Zein Obaji’s advisory board and gets the latest science available. But, before we get into the details on correcting the “Sensitive Skin” problem, let dive into what causes sensitive skin.

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What are some of the causes of compromised skin?

Compromised skin is skin that is not healthy. Just one example is skin that has been damaged by conditions such as UV Ray sun damage. This type of damage is accumulative. Simply put, every time you are exposed to the sun, you are damaging your skin. We all know the obvious and have been warned for years to stop laying in the sun, however most of us did not realize that the simple act of walking out to get your mail everyday can cause UV Ray damage to your skin. Two minutes a day of sun exposure translates to 60 minutes per month. And if you live in Florida like I do, you can see that over a few years you are creating skin that is unhealthy and riddles with ugly brown spot and potential pre-cancer cells. (I will discuss other types rays such as HEV and IR-A shortly).

Different types of damage

We start to notice this in our 30’s to recognize brown spots on our face. (A side note, when you see brown spots start to appear they are usually from sun damage accumulated over twenty years as mentioned previously). Skin that is damage by inflammation caused by trauma or heat is another contributor to sensitive compromised skin. A good example of heat would be a workplace environment such as restaurant cook. Excess Sebum, also known as oil or over active sebaceous glands, is the cause of acne which compromises your skin. You will find this mostly in the teenager years. Hormones in women during the monthly cycle will contribute to compromised skin. Free radicals which could be air pollution and other environmental conditions. All these and more are enemies of the skin.

As you can see, there are many conditions over time that can eat away at the health of you skin. The big question is, can sensitive skin become strong again and can some of the accumulated damage be corrected? The answer to this question is a resounding yes! With the latest and continuous breakthroughs in skin science, we can reverse the signs of aging and we can bring you skin back to complete skin health! Correction will be discussed later, but let’s talk a little more about other types of rays that damage the skin.

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HEV and IR-A damage

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