Over the counter products

What is Healthy Skin? Great question! We are all concerned about maintaining a healthy, heart, lungs, kidneys and other important organs. The skin is no different. The ski care industry is a multi billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, most over the counter products fall short of their promises. The FDA spends little time controlling “over the counter” products. The reason? There is not enough ingredients in them to really do anything. In even simpler terms, they don’t need to be controlled because there is no risk to the public. They are fluffy, smell and feel good type of products. Visit JoAnn’s Website.

JoAnn Francis, Owner of JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics

This being said, its important to know what healthy skin looks like. Dr. Zein Obagi describes it best. Healthy Skin is “Smooth, Firm/Tight, Even in color, Hydrated, Tolerant and Free From disease”. The first step in anti-aging is to know what healthy skin looks and feels like. What next? Withdraw from the idea that any over the counter Product is going to resolve any serious Anti aging skin issue. Feel comfortable calling, commenting or asking questions below. 561-616-1001

Let’s break down Dr. Obagi’s definition of health skin

More to come on this subject. Please ask questions or leave comments below.

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