The Latest in the Science of Skin Health

Firming Serum

Its very difficult to not get excited about the direction Dr. Zein Obagi is going with his skin science. His strong pathology background and then his frustration with his Dermatologist colleagues’s limited focus on the surface of the skin only, caused him to take skin science to a new level. I sometime wonder why I am surprised that his science keeps going deeper and deeper. The products and protocols he came up with are based on science and it shows. His philosophy is simple, if the skin is functioning properly then there is no disease. He really knocked this one out of the park. My next post with talk more about the science of this new product. Please feel comfortable, replying to this post or ask question. Contact me if your would like a Video consultation. Call as well at 561-6161-1001

What is Sensitive Skin?

What is Sensitive bog by JoAnn Francis your skin coach

When someone says “my skin is sensitive”, that really means the skin is weak and compromised. So what causes skin to be compromised? How do we get the skin healthy again? ZO Skin Health offers a simple, comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining the health of your skin. JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics is the #1 destination because we study the protocols put forth behind the science of skin health. JoAnn Francis is on Dr. Zein Obaji’s advisory board and gets the latest science available. Comment or ask questions below so we can help you better understand your skin. Comment or call 561-616-1001

What causes compromised skin?

Compromised skin occ

Is It Too Late To Reverse Damaged Skin?

Its never to late to late to go back to school, to start exercising or start an anti-aging protocol. More than ever, its easier to reverse the signs of aging with the science of skin health, which by the way, is rapidly changing on a daily basis. JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics not only has the knowledge but has the very best protocols available today. The very first step in anti aging is to get your skin back to a healthy state. Once this is accomplished, the right protocol of products and treatments can be prescribe to start reversing the damage that has accumulated over the years. Comment below or call to learn the first step 561-616-1001

What is Healthy Skin?

Great question! We are all concerned about maintaining a healthy body, heart, lungs, kidneys and other important organs. The skin care industry is a multi billion dollar industry of mostly over the counter products that quite frankly fall short of their promises. The FDA spends little time controlling “over the counter” products because simply, there is not enough ingredients in them to really do anything.

This being said, its important to know what healthy skin looks like. Dr. Zein Obagi describes it best. Healthy Skin is “Smooth, Firm/Tight, Even in color, Hydrated, Tolerant, Free From disease”. The first step in anti-aging is to know what healthy skin looks and feels like and the steps needed to take if the skin falls short on any of the about descriptions. Feel comfortable calling, commenting or asking questions below. 561-616-1001