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IV Drip Menu

Rehydrate – $110

Basic hydration treatment with saline and electrolyte additives.

Hangover Remedy – $175

Great for the morning after a night of drinking or for a pre drinking event to keep you hydrated and hangover free. Included multiple vitamins and thiamin.

Energy Boost – $155.

Perfect as an athletic performance treatment. Replenishes vitamins and nutrients lost during physical activity. Includes B5, B6 and B Complex for the restoration of stressed overexerted muscles. Include calcium chlo which also helps with muscle weakness.

Immune Booster – $210

Best treatment for someone who is already sick. Includes a high concentration of Vitamin C and Glutathione to get you back on your feet.

Weight Loss – $170

Works best with repetition of treatments, along with a curated diet and exercise routine. Includes M.I.C. and L-Carnitine to boost metabolism.

Myers Cocktail – $189

This treatment is great for a broad range of treatments. A perfect go-to drip as it covers – low energy, immune boost, hydration, and more. It is our most popular treatment.

NAD + – $250

NAD+ is a naturally occurring compound that determines how quickly our cells are. Not only is it fundamental to the biological processes that make life possible, it plats a major role in oxidative metabolism and lifespan extensions. Compelling research has shown NAD+ may help you withdraw from addictive substances safely, overcome anxiety and depression, handle acute and chronic stress more effectively, and cope better with PTSD.

IV Drip Add-On Menu

Make your drip Premium by adding on some additional supplements!

Pepcid – $10

For acid reflux and indigestion.

COQ 10 – $15

Supports improved aging, exercise performance, heart health, diabetes, fertility, and migraine relief.

Toradol – $10

Anti-inflammatory used for pain relief from headaches or injuries.

Glutathione – $25

Immune booster / Anti-inflammatory

Magnesium – $10

Electrolyte supplement that helps with muscle cramps and irregular heartbeat.

Zofran – $10

For nausea / queasiness

Carnitine – $10

Supports energy metabolism, burns fat, and enhances recovery.

Vitamin B Shot – $50

Boost hair, skin, and nail growth, improve mood, metabolism, concentration, pain, and energy levels.

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